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Colors of Whimsy is really Awesome book by Bev Choy. She is a Brilliant self taught Artist and she is always pushing the limits of what she can do. She wants to do better and be a better Artist. She really loves to draw and create. She not only draws and doodles but she also does other things like polymer clay. I honestly don’t think there is a limit to her creativity. I found Bev’s work while coloring in the Volumes of the Global Doodle Gems Books and fell in love with her style. When I found out she had books available I knew I had to have them.


The cover is indicative of what’s inside and is the last page in book but there are a lot of women in the book. Most of it is Women and Flowers and Flora but there are also animals like a Hummingbird and Elephants. There are lots of named images and signed images. I misspoke when I said they were all signed and named. The very first page is a colorable image but also a Dedication page where she Thanks her Family for supporting her.


The book measures 11 x 8.5 and has 32 images. The majority of these are full page images but there are a couple circle images and they are all centered. The full size images take up the majority of the page but there is always a stopping point. There are women, roses, butterflies, flowers insects, cats, fish and more. I particularly love the full sized abstract image!! There is a page in the back of the book for you to test you colors on before laying them on your image.


These images are printed on single sided bright white lightweight paper. It is non perforated but since there is a definite stopping point and this is a glued binding. These images are pretty easy to get out. Just break the binding at the page and open it all the way where you see the glue and score it down there. It should come out really easy. These will be ready to frame and hang!!


I used Marco Raffines and Gel Pens to color my images. Neither bled through but my Gel Pens did create a shadow on the back of the page. I believe with a wetter medium it will bleed through. My suggestion is to ALWAYS use a couple sheets of paper under the image you are working on to make sure you don’t ruin the next image. The use of some Fineliners will be great when doing some of the intricate areas.


This book is perfect for EVERYONE. Beginners and Experienced Colorist alike. While there are some really tedious spots I think if you take Bev’s lead and believe that you create your own limits then you will be able to color this book with no problems. It will just require some really sharp pencils or fineliners and some patience. I am not a great Colorist but I was able to do this with just a little patience. I found it very enjoyable and relaxing to focus on the details instead of everything else going on around me. I received Colors of Whimsy in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.




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