Colors of Whimsy 2: Detailed coloring for all ages of imagination! (Volume 2)

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Colors of Whimsy II is an AMAZING book by Bev Choy. She is a Brilliant Artist who is self taught and is always pushing the boundaries of what she can do. She not only draws but she also works with polymer clay and she is Awesome!! I ran across Bev’s work while coloring in a Global Doodle Gems book and fell in love with her style.


Cover is indicative of what’s inside and is in book. The very first page is a dedication page where she Thanks her Husband and Family for supporting her. While there are some women this book it also has animals like rabbits. There is even a ship in here. There is a page where you color the outside of the image and fill the inside with a saying or doodle of your choice.


The book measures 11 x 8.5 and has 35 images. Almost all of these are full page images. There are women, roses, fish, hearts, insects, butterflies, flowers, and more. I really like Mandala type image toward the front of the book. It is quite intricate but also quite lovely. There are 7 circles and each one has its own pattern. It is pure genius!!


These images are printed on single sided bright white lightweight paper. It is non perforated but these images should be pretty easy to get out. This is a glued binding so all you need to do is find the image you want out and break the binding and open it all the way where you see the glue and score it with some scissors or an exacto knife. They should come right out.


I would love to say this book is for EVERYONE but I think this book is for someone with PATIENCE and maybe more experience in coloring. While there are some really easy spots I think that a lot of this work is intricate. I am not the best Colorist but I don’t think there is anything in here I can’t do with a little patience.


I think we set our own limits when it comes to anything so if you think you can do it, then you can!! I honestly never thought I could do intricate work until I tried!! I find this book to be very enjoyable and relaxing. Doing the intricate work helps me to focus on the book instead of everything else. I received Color of Whimsy II in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.



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