Coloring Book for Adults: Stress Relieving Stained Glass

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This Stained Glass Coloring Book from Blue Star is pretty cool. I have never colored in one before getting this so this was all new to me. I want to start off by saying the cover of the book I got did not match the cover of the book on Amazon. I was a little confused about it but I’m one of those people who just roll with it.

It does have a nice cover although it isn’t the one I was expecting. These pictures range from super easy wide open spaces to a couple with a little more detail. Most of them range between medium and large detail work. This is definitely something a beginner can work with but I also enjoy working in it as it is visually stimulating

There are 35 images in here that range really in everything. There is everything from flowers, birds, lighthouses, boats, doodles, really you name it is here. Most are bordered square and rectangular images but there are a couple circle images and free form images.

These are printed on medium weight paper on a single side. This means the back side is left blank. These are my favorite type of books! I really dislike ruining images on the opposite side of the page when I use Markers or Gel Pens. That’s the great thing about Blue Star Books! They are ALWAYS single sided.

Not all Gel Pens bleed through but the Markers do. Just make sure to always put a couple sheets of paper under the page you are working on to protect the next image. You can use any medium you like in this book. Crayons, Coloring Pencils, Markers, Gel Pens, whatever your heart desires. This book is for Everyone!! I received this Stained Glass Coloring Book in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

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