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   Color me to Sleep is ANOTHER Amazing Book by Lacy Mucklow. She has an ability to draw me into her books and keep me coming back for more. I own all her books and if she comes out with more I plan on buying them too. I color for relief from Stress and Anxiety and I found this book to be very relaxing especially at night when I am unable to sleep. I just color until I get tired and then I go to sleep.


This is a really nice Hard Cover Book and it is 9 3/4″ inches by a little over 8.5″ inches. There is a Tablet of Contents, Introduction, Color Tips, and then we go into the Chapters. There are six chapters in this book and they are: Peaceful Environments, Cozy Comforts, Quiet Getaways, Relaxing Routines, Sleep Scenes, and Fantasies and Dreams. Each chapter has a written portion describing things you will find inside and inspiration images where she shows you her idea of colors used in each section.


The names of each chapter are pretty spot on as they do describe the types of images within the chapter. Each Chapter also has a blank page at the end of it so you can draw and color your own image. Then there is an Afterward by Alanna McGinn, who is certified sleep educator. She gives us tips for getting a good night’s sleep and also what to do when troubled by insomnia.


There are 80 images in here for you color with about 22 or 23 of them being Mandalas. I find Mandalas Very Relaxing. I do find that all these images in here are sleep and relaxation orientated. Candles, Baths, Coloring, Reading, Fireplaces, and Meditation. I particularly love the Fantasies and Dreams Section. The Dream Catchers are Amazing!!


These are printed on one side of the page and the pages are Color coded Per Chapter. The back of the pages are not white but it does not interfere with the coloring of the images. These pages are not perforated but they are super easy to get out if you wish to do so. You just have to score them along the binding. Break the binding open first. This is some really Good Quality Thick Medium Weight Paper.


My Gel Pens did great but my Water based Markers did bleed through. I always suggest that you put a couple pieces of paper under the page you are working on to protect the next image. I received Color me to Sleep in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.



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