Color Me Fearless: Nearly 100 Coloring Templates to Boost Strength and Courage (A Zen Coloring Book)

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I really love this Color me Fearless Book!! Lacy Mucklow has done a GREAT job! This is her 4th book in this series and it is Amazing!! Her other 3 books are Color me Calm, Color me Happy and Color me Stress Free. I own each of these books.

There are 7 chapters in this book and each of them characterize a reason why you are or how you will be fearless. I fight symptoms of my PTSD everyday so this book holds a special place for me. A friend told me a while back that coloring would help with my stress and anxiety and she was right!

The chapters in this book are: Courage, Strength, Resilience, Confidence, Power, Adventure, and Freedom. There are 78 images in this book to color. There are about 30 circular Mandalas. I started out coloring Mandalas so they are my favorite. There are about 49 bordered rectangular pictures that are mostly scenic.

This Coloring Book is well made and measures 8 ¾ inches x 9 ¾ inches and it is ¾ inches thick. The cover is made of great Quality Heavy Cardboard. I love that the cover is bright and it attracts you right away. It is fairly indicative of what is in the book. Each image is printed on single sided paper. This means the back of each page is blank. They are centered on the page.

These images are printed on nice weight paper and my Gel Pens did not bleed through but Always put a couple pages under the image you are coloring so you don’t ruin the next. These pages are not perforated but they should be easy enough to get out if you score them along the binding with scissors. They are sewn in so it should be pretty easy to get them out. For me to get the book to lay flat I just bend it all the way backwards. This loosens the binding allowing it to lay flat.

There is some small detail and intricate work in here but there is also work in here EVERYONE can do. That is why I love this series. This is great for everyone from beginner to experienced. I always say that the only thing holding you back from trying is you and your imagination. This is a truly amazing Book!! I was lucky enough to receive this Color Me Fearless Adult Coloring Book in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

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