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My heart is broken but it will MEND!!!

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My heart is BROKEN as Amazon has wiped my reviews and stripped my privileges.If someone needs something reviewed I can still do YouTube Videos and post it on my channel and also do a thorough Blog post that would be just like my review and post it on both my blogs. I am deeply sorrowed by the INJUSTICE Amazon has done to me as they want to give me some generic excuse.


I have been a LOYAL and FAITHFUL Amazon Customer for a couple years and held Prime and have held up Amazons Terms of Service the whole time. My Blogs and my YouTube channel will run as normal once I am settled in my new home. I will Blog items I have just as if I were to review them for Amazon as I have promised my Sellers I would. I have plenty of Coloring Books, Coloring Items, and other items to choose from.


Trust me when I say you will not be bored. I apologize for my absence while I have been packing and preparing to sell my house, move and buy another home. As soon as I am settled I will be back up and running. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused my Sellers as they will be losing out on the Amazon review but they will still gain the views of my followers.


Thank you again for your continued support!! It means a lot to me! I hope you have an Amazing Day!!


Northpole Light 2x 27W Round Spot LED Fog Light / Off Road Lights

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These Northpole 27 Watt LED lights are pretty nice. These will be PERFECT for Off Road or Fog Lights if you need them!! I love mudding and there is nothing more thrilling then hitting the trail at night! These will work for any Vehicle, ATV, and Boat.  If you hook these up to the front of your Truck or Jeep you should be able to see off roading at night no problem.


They have 9 – 3W bulbs and come with an Adjustable Mounting Bracket and all the nuts and bolts needed to install. There is no harness supplied. It also has no On/Off switch but you can get that when you purchase a GOOD harness which is what you will need because of the wattage. .


These are 1980 lumens which are about the same as 4-40W light bulbs EACH LIGHT. It has a Stainless Steel mounting bracket and a High Quality Aluminum Casing and they are made to be Waterproof with Shatter Proof and Scratch Resistant Lenses. The Waterproof Rating on these is IP67. What’s GREAT about these is there is a 12-month Warranty and 24 hour email support.


I do have to say that there are a couple things they can improve on. The wire that’s on the lights is not very long at all and there are also no instructions. HONESTLY though, I have helped my husband hook up enough lights that I don’t need instructions anymore.

I am going to buy another Jeep (Grand Cherokee Laredo 4×4) and I want to place a bar and 4 of these across the top of it. I LOVE that love when it comes to lights!!! I was fortunate enough to receive these Northpole LED 27 W lights in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

I am Sorry the video is side way..It is showing the right way to me but when I post it, it goes side way.. I’m perplexed.


Emarth 40 Degree Sleeping Bag with Compact Envelope Design for Outdoor Camping, Backpacking, Hiking

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This Emarth 40 Degree Sleeping Bag comes in a sack that is a casing. It is very small and compact, easy to carry and weighs very little. This is PERFECT for hiking, camping, or any Overnight trip where you need to travel lightweight. I bought this for my son who does a lot of hiking and overnight kayaking trips. To open the casing all you have to do is loosen the 3 straps and slip the top off. You will then open it open and take out the bag.


This is a Duck Down filling bag and it is ideal for 3 seasons. The most comfortable temperatures are going to be 23 F – 59 F with the limit being 14 F. I must admit. First impression: I was not impressed. When I saw the listing for a down filled sleeping bag I thought I would be getting this big fluffy bag but when I opened it I saw this very streamline long bag. I gave it a chance anyway.


My husband keeps our house a good 60 to 65 degrees at night so I decided to give it a try. I was very surprised at how warm I stayed all night. I woke up toasty and warm!! I have to say that I am short and I have a lot of room left at the bottom. I measured this to be 6 ft 8 ” inches and the head area to be 11″ inches.


This is Polyester and Nylon so it is not the most comfortable to sleep in but to be totally honest, if I am hiking or camping it’s not like I’m getting in my jammies or anything. I think for the purpose it was made for it is SPOT ON!! The dual zippers work break and I had no troubles getting in and out. I love the fact that there is extra material for putting your head on so that it isn’t on the ground.


As for getting it back in the bag. I had no problems doing that. What I did was folded it long ways in half and then rolled it as tight as I could and it fit perfectly back into the bag. I think my son is going to like it a lot. I received this Emarth Sleeping Bag in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.


Be back in a week!!

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Hello loves!! I have 1 more post scheduled for a few minutes from now and then I will be gone for a week!! I hope you have a SUPER AWESOME week and I will see you on the 11th!!


Happy Easter

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Happy Easter Friends!! Yesterday Amazon was updating their system so they were not posting reviews which is why nothing was posted. Today is Easter and I am taking the day off. I hope you have a awesome day!! See you tomorrow!!

Happy Easter.com14590812197751

Hope, Strength, and Gratitude

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Hi ya’ll! My Good Friday started off like any other day with my 2 teenagers. Pretty rough! They woke up late and were rushed so neither of them was in the best of moods.  I knew my husband and I needed to hurry and get them ready and on the bus so we could get our days started. Yes every morning is a tag team with my husband and I because that is what it takes to get our 16 and 14 year old boys ready and out the door for school.

I had a doctor’s appointment at the VA and was running late myself so I rushed out the door and made it in time. I realized I forgot a VERY IMPORTANT package because I decided to do something different today.  I belong to a Jeep Club and I met this wonderful woman named Robyn and her 3 yr old daughter Abigayil online. I was going to meet them in person for the first time.  I started talking to Robyn because I heard the story about her 3 yr old daughter Abigayil having B- Cell A.L.L Leukemia. My heart broke at the thought of a 3 year having Leukemia!! I was trying to find a way I could do something to brighten both Abigayil’s and Robyn’s day so I got some stuff donated. In my rush to get to the VA in time I forgot it so my awesome husband brought it to the VA for me.

I needed help taking the stuff up to Abby so I found 2 Paramedics who followed me over to the Children’s Hospital and helped me take it up. For the life of me I can’t remember the name of the company and I forgot to take pictures of the Paramedics. I was just way too excited to be finally meeting Robyn and Abby after talking online for a while.  The Paramedics left and I went to move my Jeep only to find a ticket on the windshield. One of the paramedics walked up to my car and took the ticket and walked into the hospital. He then came back out, ripped it in half and said you don’t have to worry about this.

Wow!!  I found a handicapped parking spot and got back upstairs and we were moved the Chemo room and we were waiting on her levels to see if she was moving up to a higher dose (which is good) or staying at a lower dose. Come to find out after a long wait that her levels are GREAT!!  Abby had to get fluids before she could get her first round of Chemo so that took 15 minutes and then each round of Chemo lasts about 30 minutes.  It is 15 minutes of Chemo and 15 minutes of fluid and we did this twice. While she was being a trooper, Robyn and I started talking and I found myself talking about my troubles and my boys and how they are different.

They are ADHD, ADD and “On the Spectrum”. For those of you who don’t know what that mean Autistic is the Spectrum but they are NOT Autistic. I told her about how difficult it has been raising them and that now in this present day it is not easy. They both are on a Mood Stabilizer, Sleep Med as well as their ADHD and ADD medication.  Our life can get pretty rough!! She is so easy to talk to I even found myself talking about my military career and how I ended up disabled.

Robyn and Abigayil showed me and gave me the most WONDERFUL gifts today!! Even when I was telling Robyn about my problems all she did was lift me up!! In the midst of her own problems with her daughter having Leukemia she found compassion and empathy for me.  She showed me HOPE again!! Something I think I recently lost. Abigayil, Oh The MIGHTY little Abigayil!! Smart as a whip showed me STRENGTH!! Something I really needed because I have felt so weak lately. They both have shown me and made me GRATEFUL for what I have! Yes, the trials and all!! I am ever so GRATEFUL now with renewed HOPE and STRENGTH Thanks to Robyn and Abigayil.

I have included both the link to  Abigayil’s Fight against cancer- A.L.L  Support Page and her Go Fund me Page. Please take some time out of your day to visit both. Like and Share the page please!! Please if you can do anything to help, do so, if you can’t then please, just share it with a bit of background information.

Abigayil’s Fight against cancer- A.L.L Support Page

Abby’s Medical Fund


Hand Painted Tree of Life Leather Journal/Diary

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This makes me feel like I can get lost in the real thoughts and feelings that I write into my journal daily. I have PTSD and journal about thoughts, feelings and dreams. This really connects me to something other than the craziness around me. I brings peace and quietness to me.

It is so Unique. That may be one of the reasons why I feel so connected to it. I often think of myself as Unique. Unlike any other person. It is Beautifully Handcrafted using 100% Genuine leather. It is 6″ H x 5″ W x 1″ Thick. It has a very nice raised design surrounding the outside of the book. Then on the front it has a beautiful Hand painted Tree of Life. The top of the tree is shaped like a heart.

There is a very cool but simple clasp closure. It is really easy to open. This book holds 200 pages that is uniquely hand bound. The paper is broken up into sections of 5 with 20 sheets because of the way it is bound. When writing in this journal make sure to only use pencil or pens and nothing else. I would hate for you to ruin some pages.

I am truly in love with this book and it really helps me to open up because it is so beautiful and freeing. I received this Tree of Life Leather Journal in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

Prime Garden Foldable Travel Hammock

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I have been looking for a good Hammock that I can take place easily since my last one got destroyed by the weather. When I found this one I thought I would give it a chance. I love this Prime Garden Foldable Travel Hammock. I will start off by telling you I am disabled. I am unable to do a lot of stuff but when buying items I look for things I will be able to do myself.

This Foldable Hammock is super easy to set up. I am happy to say that I set it up all by myself. No directions were needed when setting this up. It comes in a Blue bag with 2 carrying straps that have nice padding to help shield your shoulders from the strap and it also has a carrying handle on it. You unzip the bag and take it out. You should have 3 pieces. The large part will be the frame, the hammock and then the pillow.

Here’s the simple part. You unlock the holding frame. You pull it apart. You twist the hooks up and attach the hammock and then you are almost done. At the bottom of each leg there is what I call a key or a pin. You simply insert the pins on one end and then move to the next. Now these pins will be just a tab bit more difficult because of the tension created by the hammock. You just push it out and insert the pin on each leg.

You then add the pillow, relax and congratulate yourself for buying an Amazing Hammock! Trust me when I say if I can do this by myself you can do it also. It is super comfortable. It is UV resistant so I don’t have to worry about the sun wearing it down. It looks like it will be easy to clean and the break down and putting it back in the bag is as simple as setting it up! I was fortunate enough to receive this Prime Garden Foldable Travel Hammock in exchange for my honest review.

Super Doodle Gel Pens – 50 Pack Premium Colored Pen Set

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WOW!! These Super Doodle Gel Pens have thoroughly blown my mind. I use Gel Pens all the time and have tried a LOT of them. These are BY FAR the best Gel Pens I have ever used.

These are Awesome for Adult Coloring, making Cards, or even writing letters or in your journal. Anything you want to get creative with is what these are perfect for. The picture I colored was just a couple of the Glitter pens but colors are Bright and Vibrant.

First of all there are 50 Amazing coloring. I have never had a pack of Gel Pens with earth tones in it either which this pack does. Now, with that being said, there are some concessions that had to be made for the items that come in here so let me start off telling you what’s in the package.

You get:

13 Glitters
6 Neon
6 Classic
10 Metallic
4 Earth tones
11 Neon Glitter

What it does not have:


They started right away which is abnormal for me when it comes to any Gel Pens. I normally have to prime at least 1 Gel Pen but not with this pack which is awesome! They write smoothly and just the right amount of ink comes out. They are really comfortable to hold because they have a great grip on them.

These dry within seconds of being laid to paper. For me, who uses Gel Pens for Adult coloring, this is awesome. Way too many times have I used Gel Pens and accidently run my hand across a color and smeared it. Not with these though!! These are 100% Awesome!!

I am a Veteran and spend a good bit of time at the VA and often throw my pens and a coloring book in my purse. I also have children and have appointments and usually color while we wait. The only thing that I don’t like is that they are not portable in this case but that is such an easy fix with a 72 count Canvas pencil wrap or just a plain pencil case. The case does not affect my review because the Gel Pens are really just THAT AWESOME that the small things I can deal with.

I did have a small issue with one of my green acting like it was drying up while coloring but I contacted Super Doodles Facebook Page and they responded very quickly. The really great things about these are.. Well, they work great and have beautiful colors but there is also a 100% Money Back Guarantee. This just means that they 100% believe in their products. After trying them, I do too!

After trying these. I am a 50 pack’er now. Glitter are my favorite Gel Pens!! The glitter and neon glitter have sealed the deal for me!! I received these Super Doodle Gel Pens in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.


AMBM Colorful Crystal Stylus Pen Touch Screen Cellular Phone & Tablet Pen Set

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These Colorful Stylus Pens are so cute and convenient. I have a touch screen phone and it always has smear marks on it from my fingers and I always need an extra pen in my purse. With these I now have both a stylus and a pen in my purse. I can finally clean my screen on my phone and keep it that way.

With this set you get 10 Stylus Pens. 2 of each color. The colors are red, blue, green, black and orange with silver/grey accents. I will have one to match any outfit I can possibly wear. This excites me!! Each pen is 6.5 inches long which seems to be about the normal length for any pen.

They write just like any ball point pen which is really nice and the ink is blue. What is super convenient also about these pens is that they have the clips on them so you can either clip them in the pocket of your shirt or the pocket of your purse. I really like this feature. Too many times have I put a pen in the pocket of my purse and it falls out and gets lost at the bottom.

They are individually wrapped so you can give them as gift with journals or you can pass them around your work place. The stylus end is nice soft and rubbery. It works really well on my touch screen phone. When you order this 10 pack you also get a free gift. It is a stylus that you can plug into your phone, tablet or any jack you have on your touch screen device.

Having the free gift that plugs in to your touch screen device is also very cool because again you also have a stylus with you that you don’t have to worry about losing. I really love this set and I was lucky enough to receive these Colorful Crystal Stylus Pens in exchange for my honest review.

Adult Coloring Book: Amazing Animals

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This is a really Great Book by Anna Wilton! There are 30 Animal Images for you to color and they are Amazing. I must admit that the Lizard and the Turtle are my 2 favorite designs but this will keep you busy with all the intricate work that you will have to do. Almost all of these images are intricate so you will need to have a steady hand and sharp pencils.

I love each and every image in this book!! The images are printed on both sides of the paper so when I used my fine liners I ruined the opposite page. The pages are not perforated either but they should be pretty easy to get out. Just score them close to the binding with a pair of scissors. Most of the images are pretty centered but there are a couple that take up the majority of the page. That one has enough space between the picture and the binding to get it out if you so choose.

If you want to color all 30 images you either need to do 1 of 2 things.
1.) Color with only Coloring Pencils
2.) Buy the Kindle Version

While I always love having a physical copy of the book, I went ahead and got it on Kindle also. I can’t print it on the paper quality I like and I can download and print it a couple times and color it differently. This also allows me to get it on single sided pages. I love the images in the book. I think the artwork is Amazing. The only reason it got a 4 star is because of images being printed on both sides of the paper. I received this Amazing Animals Adult Coloring Book at a discount in exchange for my HONEST and UNBAISED review.

Elite Bakeware NonStick Muffin Pan Set with Silicone Handles

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Elite Bakeware has done it again!!! They always make AMAZING products!! This High Quality Premium Grade Muffin/Cupcake Pan Set is perfect!! They are lightweight and did not bend or react to the high heat when tested.

We are going to an eating meeting and wanted to make muffins for that for snacks/breakfast for the week. We used these twice and they are great. The 1st time we used them there was a learning curve as we cooked the muffins to the time on the box but we should have cooked it less. They didn’t burn but they came out a little brown. They heat quickly and cook evenly.

There are 12 cups in each pan and you get 2 pans in this set. They are truly Non-stick. When I was done baking my Banana Nut muffins I took them out of the oven and tested the pan about 3 mins out of the oven. The muffins were still hot when I checked to see if the muffins would come out. Since these are Non-Stick there is no need for any greases, oils or sprays.

The Silicone handles help you get them out of the hot oven. They allow you to have a cooler area to pull the pan out at and also provide you with a sturdy grip so you don’t drop the pan. They are heat resistant up to 500 degrees which is awesome!! They clean up super easy. We cleaned them both ways. We washed one by hand and one in the dish machine and they both came clean.

I received these Elite Bakeware NonStick Muffin Pans in exchange for my honest review.

Moonshine Muddy Girl Rapid Mag Wraps

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I received these Moonshine Rapid Muddy Girl Mag wrap for review purposes and I must say that I am very pleased. I have an obsession with Muddy girl. I have 3 weapon cases, a range bag, a hat, a knife, and these mag wraps. There is nothing better than some AMAZING graphics for your magazines!!

The Muddy girl Mag wraps fit the Ar-15 30 round clips. They are non-reflective and have a matte finish. This means they are not all shiny. You get 3 with this set. Each one comes in 2 pieces to make it easy to put on your magazine securely and evenly. The mags I was using were the plastic ones you buy so when I attached them I had to use a blow dryer to heat them and help them to stick. This is normal as it comes in the directions. They were simple to peel and stick. You just follow the butt of the magazine to put them on correctly.

They are made of durable High Vinyl Material and in my opinion this makes them last a long time. After you install them and heat them to help them to fit correctly and securely, they should last a long time. I shot all 3 magazines and there was absolutely no interference with the firing of my weapon. This pleases me a lot!! I was worried about that. The Vinyl Material offers some awesome protection from UV rays also!! It makes your mags waterproof and protects them from scuffs and scrapes!

When you find yourself wanting to remove the wraps you can do so without leaving any residue on your magazines. If you want to change your layout immediately but don’t want to take the older ones off that is fine!! You can do so without removing the old ones. I love the fact that they are made right here in the USA!! Being a Veteran, I support this country whole heartily!! I love buying products that are made and distributed right here in the US. I received these Moonshine Muddy Girl Rapid Mag Wraps  for testing and reviewing purposes.

Congratulations Jamie!!

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Congratulation to Jamie A. Martin!! I have emailed you! Thank you all for entering my Giveaway! I hope you stick around as not all my giveaways are coloring related. I will have more posted in a while. I run one a month!! Please email me back as soon as possible. – Jody

Giveaway _ Jamie

Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Peacocks

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I really like this Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Peacocks from Blue Star Coloring!! Peacocks are one of my favorite animals. They have so many different colors that it is unbelievable. I love how in this book they come in all shapes and sizes. This is something everyone from a beginner to an experienced Colorist can enjoy. It is not simple but it’s also not hard. I color because it relaxes me. Sometimes I like it simple so I can just color and sometime I like it complicated.

There are a variety of 49 wonderful flowing peacocks. They are waiting for you to bring them to life with some amazing colors. When it comes to peacocks the best thing you can do when coloring them is choose some blues, greens and then grab some random colors and just go with the flow. The Peacocks range between realistic and just artistic impressions. There are even a stained glass peacocks in here. There are a couple of framed peacocks in here also.

These pages are not perforated but they are easy enough to get out as long as your score along the binding with a pair of scissors. These peacocks are printed on medium weight paper so I suggest if you are coloring with anything other than coloring pencils that you use a couple sheets of paper between the page you are coloring and the next page to prevent bleed through. My Gel Pens did not bleed though I still do it as a precaution. You can clearly see the pens through the paper though. I’m sure if you use markers they will bleed through.

I was lucky enough to receive this Stress Relieving Peacocks in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

TotaLohan Mx8 550 Lumen Bright LED Flashlight

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This TotaLohan Mx8 Flashlight is awesome! Not only is it super bright but unlike some flashlights it comes with its own rechargeable battery. I was impressed first with the way it came packaged. It came in a box with the Flashlight in a spot made just for it wrapped in bubble wrap. WOW! They wanted to make sure it got to me safely.

Second, it takes an 18650 battery which I know from experience that there are only a few reputable sellers on Amazon. It comes with one which is very impressive. It also comes with a charger to charge it. If you want extra batteries, so ahead and order them now.

The flashlight itself is super awesome. It has 550 Lumen which is nice and bright and it also has 5 settings. It has High, Medium, Low, Fast strobe and Slow Strobe. Both Strobes can be used as a SOS signal. This is small, lightweight and compact. It has a clip on it so you can attach it to your belt or your purse.

You can put this in an emergency bag in your car, in your pocket or even in your glove compartment. This would make the perfect gift for a hiker, camper, or survivalist. Well, honestly, it will make the perfect gift for anyone. It gives off a nice Bright light!! You can use it normal or pull it out to zoom it in a little or a lot. It depends on what you need.

Weather you are looking for something to put in your hiking bag, a gift for someone or a small flashlight to put by your bed at night in case the power goes out, this is the flashlight you want. I received this TotaLohan Mx8 550 Lumen Bright LED Flashlight  at a discount in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

Follow me Please and Read me too

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Hello loves! I was wondering if you can do me a favor and follow me. I would very much appreciate it.

Jody Estabrook on Facebook


Jody Estabrook on Twitter


Colore Sketch Pad – Durable Sketching Paper And Notebook Material

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I love to Doodle and Draw. I often doodle things for myself and my friends to color. I like having something around all the time I can just pick up and start working in. Having this allow me to make nice large pictures. Doodling and Drawing is just a hobby for me. It helps me to relax and take my mind off other things. Sometimes I set out to draw specific items like butterflies, dolphins or turtles.

This is a Pretty Nice Sketch Pad from Colore. It is really large and I really like that about it. It is 9 x 12 and has 100 sheets. I have a large bag and this actually fits in it perfectly so when I’m on the go I can just put it in my bag and take it with me. I like that it has perforated pages because if I want to tear out a page I can. The spiral binding is nice and strong and I love that I can get this to lay flat. It makes it much easier to work in it. I have another book that opens from the top and it is not so easy to work out of.

I did have some issues with this pad though. It took 3 pages for some reason for my picture to not come out all grainy. I used both regular pencils and Artist Pencils because I do own a set of Artist pencils and Pens. When using the Artist Pens You need to use a sheet of paper behind the page you are drawing on just in case it bleeds though. It did not bleed though but this is just a precaution. Also, when I tried to erase it smeared it instead of erasing it. And lastly, when I pulled out the 3 sheets they didn’t come out very easily at the perforation. I actually ended up tearing them out at the spiral binding.

All in all, I do believe that this is a really nice book. It just took me some time to get used to THIS paper compared to the sketch paper I was using. Just know that there may be issues when switching your sketch paper to this one. So far since I drew this picture in the video I have had no problems with it. I received a discount on this Colore Sketch Pad in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

Coloring Ocean Mandalas: 30 Hand-Drawn Designs for Mindful Relaxation

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This Coloring book by Wendy Piersall is really AWESOME!! I have never done an Ocean book much less an Ocean Mandala book. This is actually her 4th book but it’s the first one I’ve done. There is a variety of imaginative images in the book.

There is everything from Fish, Ship, Mermaids, Whales and even a Lighthouse. This only names a few of the wide variety of creatures in this book. A lot of the images are intricate or have details that are intricate and they will require a steady hand and Fine Liners or Sharpened Pencils but there are enough images in here for Colored Pencils and even Gel Pens. This is GREAT for an experienced Colorist. But I am not the BEST so I would never count myself out. Even a beginner can try these images.

Because this book is smaller (7 ½” x 9 ¼) than a normal book the images will be a little smaller than images in a larger book. Some of these may take a few days to finish because they are intricate. With that being said, this book will be great for tossing in my bag when I have to run out of the door.

They are printed on single sided pages and they are not perforated but because they are centered they should be fairly easy to get out. Just score along the binding with a pair of scissors. This is medium weight paper. I only used Colored Pencils but I would highly suggest as with Coloring book that if you are using Gel Pens or Markers to put a few pages between the sheets or even a piece of card stock so that you don’t ruin the next page. I received this Coloring Ocean Mandalas in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

IMNEED 10000mah Slim Portable Power Bank for Smartphones

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This is one Powerful Portable Power Bank!! I am so happy that I got this because there is nothing worse than 2 unhappy teenagers with dead cell phones. We went to a Jeep event on Saturday that was an all day event and of course there was no way to keep them off their phone even though we were having a blast mudding.

Every chance they got they were on their phones plus they both have so many apps that run in the background that their batteries die so quickly. Well I had this with me and it worked like a champ!! It charged 2 LG G3’s and brought them from near death to life again. This made my boys happy which in turn made me very happy.

This 10,000 mAh Imneed Power Bank comes with a USB charger and instructions. It comes wrapped very well and because it has a Lithium Ion Battery the box comes in a bag marked with Caution. Just in case you didn’t know mAh just indicates how much electric charge the battery can provide. This is really simple to charge and use. As with anything, I suggest you read the directions.

Basically, you plug it in to a USB port to charge it. I actually bought one of those wall chargers with 2 USB ports in it for when I need to charge things. I charged it overnight to make sure it was fully charged. There are 4 LED indicator lights and each signifies 25% of a battery charge. If the last indicator light is flashing that means you have less than 25% battery left and you might want to recharge soon.

For safety there is a built in multi-protection IC that can prevent overcharge, discharge, short circuit or heating. Remember that once your Power Bank is charged to unplug because you don’t want to accidently over charge it. Also make sure that you charge it at least once every 4 months. Always use the USB cord that came with it when doing so. I received this IMNEED 10000mah Slim Portable Power Bank in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

Choies Women’s Waterfall Front Contrast Sleeve Geo Pattern Aztec Cardigan

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Basically this is made for a teeny tiny woman with a large bust. I should have paid more attention when ordering this that it was in Asian sizes. I ordered a XL and thought it would work great for me but it surely backfired. This is what an Asian XL looks like in measurement.

Shoulder: 15.7 in, Bust: 37.8 in, Waist: 31.5 in, Length: 32.6 in. It seems like it should be equivalent to a size 6 maybe in US sizes. My bust is a whopping 36.5 but my shoulders are a 19.5. Gosh yes. Sometimes I think I’m built like a football player.

This is made pretty well although this is definitely a spring or summer sweater. This is not a sweater that is going to keep you warm in the winter. This is the kind of sweater that when the wind kicks up in the spring and summer in the evening and you get a chill. This is just something to give you a little extra protection. It is pretty thin. The main body is actually see through and I polyester and the sleeves are made from acrylic. This will have to be one that is given to a small friend.

With this you will want to wash on cold with a mild detergent. Do not dry it or you will surely shrink it. That is something you don’t want to do. You will need to lay this flat to dry. If you put the acrylic in the dryer it will shrink. I received this Choies Women’s Waterfall Front Contrast Sleeve Geo Pattern Aztec Cardigan at a discount in exchange for HONEST and UNBIASED review.

Plinrise XDM-002 18 Piece Vibrant Special Metallic Glitter Gel Pens

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I really LOVE these 18 Plinrise Gel Pens. Now, they are supposed to be fruit scented but to be honest I didn’t smell anything. I am just extremely happy that I found 18 Special Metallic Glitter Gel Pens at an AMAZING price!! Honestly if you search you will find that this is a great deal.

These are so Amazingly Bright and Vibrant because they are the Metallic Glitter. I am always looking for Quality gel pens and it seems that I found 18 of them right here in this set. They all started without a problem. I did have one small problem with the blue but it quickly resolved itself and I continued coloring.

Each of these is a different color. I was worried that there would be duplicates but they are all different. I love to color with Gel Pens. Most of the time I color with them if I am being 100% honest. The glitter and shine that come from these is crazy. I have bought high dollar gel pens before and have gotten nowhere near the shine. These definitely fit the saying “more bang for your buck”.

light pink
bright/dark pink
dark green
light blue
dark blue
light orange
neon orange
dark orange
neon yellow
medium yellow
dark yellow
light brown
dark brown
dark purple

I was fortune enough to receive these Plinrise Vibrant Special Metallic Glitter Gel Pens in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

Whipped: A Delectable Adult Coloring Book

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Ruby Fig has outdone herself with this super sweet Coloring Book Whipped!! Her artwork is so sweet I actually got a sweet tooth just looking at the pictures trying to decide which one to color first. This book is full of imagination and creativity. It is some Magical Land of baby doll eyes and planets that you can only dream of. The images are simply adorable.

As with any Blue Star Book this book tells you all about how to unplug and relax before you even get into coloring. That all you need to do is shut off all your electronic devices, breathe and relax. I also like that it goes to the point of saying if at any point you forget your worries to stop. I use coloring exactly for that reason. I have PTSD and Anxiety. I color because it relaxes me and helps me to forget my worries.

These pages are not perforated but they are easy enough to get out if you score the page along the binding. The majority of the images have plenty of room between the images and binding but there are a few that are full page images and therefore close to the binding. The images are printed on singled sided medium weight paper.

I used Gel Pens and they didn’t bleed though but you could definitely see the ink through the page. My suggestion is to ALWAYS put a couple pages under the image you are coloring so you don’t ruin the next page. If you use markers you may need either a heavier weight paper or more than 2 sheets. Coloring pencils will work great with book and actually there are a couple pages where you can even use crayons if you wish. I received Whipped in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

Elite KitchenwareTM Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils

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This Elite Kitchenware Premium 8 piece utensil set is really nice. I am very happy with it. The handles of these are thick High Quality Stainless Steel and the heads are Heat Resistance Silicone. They are FDA approved, BPA free, and Latex free. If you think it couldn’t get any better than this just keep reading!! The quality and construction of each of these utensils are awesome!

They are made very well as is everything from this company. It is nice to know that I don’t have to worry about the handles warping and the heads melting if they get hot. I have literally ruined pans because of utensils melting in my pan in high heat cooking. The heat resistant rating on these Utensils is 480 Degrees. This is commercial grade quality and it will not scratch my non-stick cookware. This is a great relief to me! I have spent too much money on my Cookware to have them scratched or silicone melted in them.

This set comes with a Pasta Server, Serving Spoon, Spatula, Slotted turner, Soup Ladle, Whisk, Strainer, and Tongs. These are all very nice but I especially love a couple. The Whisk is Amazing. Normally a Wisk is just the metal bands and that is all but this Wisk in particular has a little ball type object in the middle meant to help break up any clumps. The Tongs are the type that have the lock on the end so that you can actually close them and lock them shut instead of having them open taking up extra space. Each of the Utensils has a hanging loop for easy storage. This is really nice. I know I have way too much in my drawers as it is. Getting this set is just the extra push I need to get rid of some of it.

They clean up super easy also because they are Dishwasher safe!! The last reason I love this set is because it is a NO WORRY purchase. There is a Lifetime Warranty on these Utensils! Imagine not having to worry about ever buying utensils again. These are built to last a lifetime. I know I have broken, burned, melted and bent utensils. When you buy this set you are getting that peace of mind that if for any reason there is a problem all you have to do is contact the company. I received these Elite KitchenwareTM Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

NOVAWO Women’s Batwing Tassel Poncho

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This is an Absolutely Adorable Batwing Poncho. The color is so cute. It is just a little bit brighter than a soft pink but dark enough to make a statement. Ponchos are a huge trend. I see people wearing them all the time and honestly I have quite a few. This is a one size fits all and it fits great. I am a size Large in woman’s shirts and 12/14 in jeans.

The Convertible knitted design is Amazing. The raised knitted areas add a little kick to the sweater. The texture is amazing. Rubbing my hands along the sweater gives me an almost euphoric feeling. Don’t ask me what it is but to me it feels awesome. It is really soft and warm. I love how I can just simply twist it for 2 separate looks. Either way it looks great.

I would wear it long in the front if I were wearing leggings as I am a little modest. I am not so worried about the sides being open because they will be covered by the shirt I am wearing underneath. This is the V Neck Style.

I would wear it with the arms long if I were wearing jeans. A nice little tank top under it just to cover my belly and then it’s like a crop top almost when it’s like this. This is the Boat Neck Style.

This Knitted Poncho Sweater is very stylish. I am cold most of the time with the exception of summer. So this is great for me 3 out of 4 seasons. When it is really cold though I would definitely wear a jacket but this does make a really cute sweater. It doesn’t just have to be worn as an “overcoat” type of item. I bought it because it looks and feels like a sweater.

When you need to wash your sweater this one does require a little extra care to keep it looking great. You are going to have to turn it inside out and hand wash in cold water it with some mild/gentle detergent. You will need to lay it flat to dry it. If you lay it outside you will want to put it in the shade so the sun doesn’t fade your color. Do not put it in hot water and NEVER bleach it. I was fortune enough to receive this NOVAWO Women’s Batwing Tassel Poncho in exchange for my honest review.

NOVAWO® Women’s Soft Warm Solid Infinity

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I love this Novawo Women’s Infinity Scarf!! The Rich Wine color is just what I needed because it is so hard to come by. I have a very nice Wine sweater I love to wear and I am an Infinity Scarf Junkie. Seriously!! 98% of the time I have one on. No matter if it’s summer, winter, spring or fall. Anyway. I have had the worst time finding a scarf to match the Deep Rich Wine color that I was looking for.

It is really soft and because it’s so long it creates a wonderful loop. It is 39″ L X 28″ W. This is wonderful because it creates nice thick loops. It is suitable for wearing with a shirt, sweater or a dress. You can loop it once, twice or not at all. Either way it loops lovely. I really like the fringe details that I didn’t even include in the measurements. It has a rotating pattern on it. It has a large closed waffle, a small open waffle and then just fabric.

Now onto cleaning your new wonderful scarf. This is 100% Acrylic. The 1st rule of Acrylic is you never and I mean NEVER want to wash it in hot water or put it in the dryer. You will wash in cold water on a gentle cycle using Woolite. If you don’t want to buy woolite you can use a mild shampoo. I suggest that you lay it flat to dry. I will stress again that Acrylic and Heat should never mix. I would hate for you to ruin it. I know I would be sad. I love my Novawo Scarf! I was lucky enough to receive this NOVAWO® Women’s Soft Warm Solid Infinity  in exchange for my honest review.

Color Me Stress-Free by Lacy Mucklow

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This is an Amazing Coloring Book filled with 79 Coloring pages in a variety of patterns to peak your imagination and reduce your stress. They are all original designs done by a wonderful Artist. You will find all kinds of pictures in here! You will find circular Mandalas, rectangular patterns, and scenic pictures. This book has 7 Chapter that are all color coded and each section concentrates on a different section of your life. Things like Disorganization, Finances, and Time. This is a book for Everyone!!

The beginning of the book has the Contents showing the 7 Chapters. The next page has a semi colored page for inspiration and the Introduction which I really enjoyed reading because it really broadened my mind ion what coloring meant to me and how I color. Then on page 9 there are some Color Tips. Reading the beginning of the book was really enjoyable and informative.

This Color Me Stress-Free Coloring book is made very well. It has a very nice cover that almost reminds me of a Hardback book. It is High Quality Card Board and measures about 8 ¾ inches x 9 ¾ inches, and ¾ inches thick. Each picture is printed one a single side of the page and is centered. The binding on this book is Amazing but you must bend all the way over in order to get it to lie nice and flat. These pages are not perforated and they do not tear out easily either so I suggest scoring them with a pair of scissors and them carefully tearing them out. I don’t know about you but I like displaying and sending my colored pages to friends.

I used Sharpies and while they did show very bright through the page they did not ruin the next page. I ALWAYS suggest using a piece of paper or 2 between your pages. This book is perfect for any medium! You can use markers, coloring pencils, gel pens or crayons. Anything you want to use will be PERFECT!! My suggestion also is if you use marker to make sure you have both fine line and broad line or buy the type that is both thin and broad so that you have the same color in both fine and broad line markers. I received this Color Me Stress-Free in exchange for my honest review.

Isabella Dora Drain Cleaning Package

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I ordered this Isabella Dora Drain Cleaning Package because I got of trying to dig mushy cereal out of the drain in my kitchen sink. It seems like my children always choose the sink without the garbage disposal to just throw their mushy leftover cereal and food in. I ask them all the time what is wrong with the other sink. It seems sometimes like they hear a foreign language when I speak. They look at me all blank in the eyes with their mouth slightly open.

Anyway!! I really love this package. The Stainless Steel Drain Protectors are AWESOME!! I no longer have to fish for lucky charms, cocoa puffs, hamburger meats and such in my drains!! It all gets caught in this nifty little drain protector. The holes are large enough for the water to pass through unimpeded but the food stays in the baskets. I really like that it comes with a handle. I don’t have to fish for the right edge to pop up so I can get it out and throw it away.

The Auger that comes with it is very nice also. It is 29 inches long and is covered in bristles. I love that fact that I don’t have to call someone anymore to come clean out my drains when something gets stuck in them. I haven’t had the kitchen or downstairs bathroom sink cleaned in a while so I decided I would go ahead do it. It is bendable so it easily fit and snaked it way down the drain.

It cleaned out the kitchen sink very well. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but there was food still stuffed in the drain that I was able to pull out. I didn’t wear gloves so it was kind of gross. My strong suggestion is if you use this to please for your own sake use some gloves. After doing the kitchen sink I washed it off and found some gloves. The downstairs bathroom sink was awful. I never dreamed there would be hair in there. It is just a half bath for the downstairs. There isn’t even a brush in there. EWWW!

This Isabella Dora Drain Cleaning Package is nice and I’m so happy that I got it. The auger is not as easy to clean as I hoped it would be. The hair and gunk is kind of hard to get out. It definitely takes some persistence to get it somewhat clean. I just stored it under the kitchen sink. I received this Isabella Dora Drain Cleaning Package in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

Sparkling Elegant Unicorn Adult Coloring

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It is not always Wine and Roses in the Review World and it is not always free or discounted. I just usually post the “review” items. I learned from my last review that I paid for and posted that I must ALWAYS put a disclosure on my reviews even if I pay for them.

Amazon associates my account with a Review account now that I do it full time so whenever I post a review weather I pay for it or not I have to add a disclosure. Anyway onto the review.


Normally I would NEVER leave a 1 star review but I feel so misled and I’m very upset! I was looking forward to a book full of unicorn but instead I got 4 images of which only 3 of them are unicorns repeated throughout the whole book.

I suggest that you DO NOT buy this book. I am returning it. I paid almost 5.00 for this Sparkling Elegant Unicorn Adult Coloring and I will be very happy to get that back.

Adult Coloring Book: Animal Patterns

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This Animal Patterns Adult Coloring Book from Hobby Habitat Coloring is really nice!! There is everything from horses, bears, raccoons to even a platypus in this book. I find this to be very interesting. I love coloring animals. Animals are like coloring to me. They help to calm me down and keep me grounded.

There are 45 images in this book to color. They are printed on medium weight single sided paper. Always use a couple sheets of paper between pages when working in the book so that you don’t ruin the next image. These pages are not perforated but they are easy to get out as long as you score along the binding.

There are some open spaces but to be perfectly honest the majority of this book is small space to intricate. With that being said it is not hard to do. Even a beginner with a Fineline Marker can work in this book. I always say that it just takes a willingness to try to be able to color small spaces. I really do love this book! I was lucky enough to receive this Adult Coloring Book: Animal Patterns in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.