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Outlite 240 Lumen Solar Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern

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I really like this Outlite 240 Lumen Solar Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern. We camp a lot and love spending time outside. This is perfect for those trips or for even sitting on the back porch when I don’t want to turn the big light on. It is easy to work and is conducive to any age.


It came partially charged but I fully charged it before using it at all.Of course I let it die and once it ran out of energy it only took a couple of hours to charge using the 110W wall cable. This Lantern is made out of plastic which is good because it makes it lightweight and durable.


With this lantern you get in the box:


110W wall cable
2 S hooks for hanging
Warranty card


It has 3 options to charge:


Charge through 110W cable
Solar Charging (built in)
3 AA batteries (not included)


You can use this to charge your phone by USB which is not included. My suggestion is that you use the cord that comes with your device. The port to plug in the charging socket and the USB port for charging your phone are both located on the back side of the Lantern. I suggest using the USB port sparing as you will prefer to have light over a phone, or at least I would.


The light is very bright as you can see in my video. It is clearly enough to cover a good area. This would be perfect for hanging in the tenting or if you have to walk away from the camp. This is also plenty of light to help supplement any light.


Perfect if you are hiking because you have use a carabineer and attach it to your pack and it will stay charged provided you have it fully charged before leaving. It is lightweight enough that you won’t feel any difference in weight with your pack.


Also this LED Lantern is perfect for any emergency situation that may arise at home. Should the power go out, rest assured that you have enough light to get you through a few hours and a way to recharge it with the solar plus, you can just insert the 3 AA batteries and not have to worry at all. I really love it and I was lucky enough to receive this Outlite 240 Lumen Solar Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.





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Dimples Excel 550lb Survival Paracord Keychains with Carabineers (2 Pack)

Home | Camping and Survival | Dimples Excel 550lb Survival Paracord Keychains with Carabineers (2 Pack)

Just in time for Fathers Day!!



These are some really nice Dimples Excel Premium Paracord Keychains with Carabineers.  You get 2 for the price of 1 and really when you are buying quality like this it is a great deal. These are handmade Keychains using 550 lb paracord. Each of these is 6″ inches long.



Now I know you are thinking 6″ inches is big for a keychain. I think of it like this. Paracord can be used in any survival and emergency situation as well as the carabineer. 6″ inches is a small price to pay for the comfort of knowing you have that extra measure of preparedness. Each of these keychains holds 4 foot of paracord!! That is a good bit and there is a lot you can do with it.

These would be great for hikers and campers but also for everyday use. I bought them for my teenagers because we always believe in being prepared. I also know they will use the keychains daily and if needed, they will know how to use the paracord. If you ever need to open up your keychain on the end you will find a glued dot. Just use a knife or whatever you have handy and scrape that off and start unraveling your paracord.

There are 6 different sets to choose from with a multitude of colors ranging from pink and blue to green and brown. I personally got the yellow and grey for my boys. One of the great things about these keychains is that there is a Dimples Excel Lifetime Warranty but I honestly don’t see how or why you would every need it. I received these Dimples Excel Paracord Keychains in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.






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Rose Kuli® Folding Shovel With Pick Outdoor Must-have Accident

Home | Camping and Survival | Rose Kuli® Folding Shovel With Pick Outdoor Must-have Accident


The Rose Kuli folding shovel is a really useful tool to have when camping, hiking or any outdoor activity. It is very compact and has a pick ax on one end and on the shovel it also has a serrated saw blade.


It is super easy to put together. You just unfold it and tighten the latch at the position in which you want the tool then you screw on the handle. It has a lock to keep that tool in working position.


It is a great tool for my Get Home Bag. It’s small, portable, it fits easily in my backpack and I will have it in case of an emergency. That is what this shovel is intended for. Emergency situations or light weight use. Not heavy duty full time work like digging ditches or shoveling rocks. Although I think in an Emergency situation this will do just fine for a period of time if heavy duty work is needed.


I have a friend who does Gardening and this would be perfect for her. She already has a portable chair that she can carry all her tools in. This would be a great addition to that set as it is lightweight and easy to fold, unfold and is super sturdy.  It is compact and will work great for planting in the yard or digging a garden or holes for roses or flowers.


This will also be great for Campers or Hikers. I love that there is a compass on it and it easily attaches to any belt for carry. With a little modification like the addition of a carabineer to the Belt loop it will be even more portable and able to be attached anywhere but it does easily fit in a backpack.


I think this is awesome and it is already in my GHB. I was lucky enough to receive this foldable shovel in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.


DG Sports Outdoor Multi-function Stainless Steel Foldable 9 in 1 Utensil Set

Home | Camping and Survival | DG Sports Outdoor Multi-function Stainless Steel Foldable 9 in 1 Utensil Set

This really is a Amazing deal!!! You get 2 great products for 1 great price!! This DG Sports outdoor foldable 9 in 1 multi-function utensil set is the Ultimate item to have for any outdoor or emergency experience. We are a family that believes in being prepared. We all have B.O.B’s also known as Bug Out Bags. I also have a Get Home Bag in my car. We have multi-function utensils in our bags but when I saw these, at this price, I knew I had to have them. I paid a good amount just for the original ones I bought for our bags and they are nowhere near as nice and complete as this utensil.

This comes in a nice Army Green/Olive Pouch that can easily be added to a belt which is awesome but it is small enough to fit anywhere in my bag. Some of these items are pretty standard and some are really are quite rare for a tool like this. You will never them find on another multi-function tool. That’s why this one is THE BEST one to get! I can’t tell you enough how pleased I am with it. In an emergency situation this will not only feed us which is what most people will see when they look at this tool but it will also help to mend our clothes. Let me explain.

The items are:

Bottle opener
4 inch Saw
4 inch Knife
Cork screw
Awl with threading eye.
Button Hook

So, It comes with the Fork, Spoon and Knife which I can use to eat with but the knife can also be used if I have to hunt my own food. If I do happen to find prey it can be used to skin them. The knife can also cut and break down rope and items used to make emergency shelters. The Saw can be used to cut through small branches, trees and maybe even bones if needed in a SHTF scenerio.

If by chance you come across a luxury item like a bottle of wine you will have a Corkscrew but I honestly can’t see myself using the Corkscrew in an emergency situation. Of course the Flashlight is going to help ALOT in any situation whether it is camping, hiking or an emergency situation. Okay, now lets get to the exceptional items here. The Awl with the threading eye and the Button hook are things that are NOT standard on most Utensils I have found. These items will help out a lot in the long run.

They will help me and my family keep our clothing mending and in good condition. If you do your research you will see that they have been used for a long time in making leather goods and more. Basically, everything you need to survive is right here in this Multi-Function Utensil. I received these DG Sports Outdoor Foldable 9 in 1 Multi-function Utensils at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

TechTools Camping Lantern with 33 LEDs

Home | Camping and Survival | TechTools Camping Lantern with 33 LEDs

We love to go camping and light is always very important when camping. It gets really dark at night out in the wilderness. Whether it is in the woods or in a campground. There usually aren’t any streetlights or overhead lights out there. The purpose of going camping to me is to get away from all the bright lights.

I live in the south and we don’t have a lot of bad weather but when we do it hits us hard. We are not prepared for it. We had a really bad ice storm a while back and the power was out for days because our power lines aren’t built to withstand the snow and ice. It is ALWAYS important to have lanterns or emergency lights available in my house.

This Camping Lantern has 33 white LED lights. There are 3 on top which I call the flashlight mode, 10 in the middle and 20 on the bottom which I consider to be the main lantern. It has 3 modes plus the off switch which are all very simple to remember. The setting all the way down will be for the light at the bottom. The next click up is the off switch. The next one up is the middle light and then finally the top setting is of course for the top light.

It only measures 3.6″ by 2.5″ by 9.3″ which is a great size if you are packing to go camping. It is about the size of a woman’s sandals box. This Lantern a retractable carrying and hanging handle and takes 3 D batteries which are not included. It says the run time is only 10 hours which kind of tells me that I should stock up on batteries. In case of a few days without power I would go through a lot of batteries.

The outer shell kind of worries me. I worry that if I drop it on accident that it will break and I will be without light. Other than that I am very pleased with it. I received this TechTools Camping Lantern at a discount in exchange for my honest review.