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I love This Capture the Color Book by Lynne McGee!! She is an Amazing Zentangle Inspired Artist. One thing I love about this book is you can expect the unexpected. One minute you are looking at a tangle and then next minute you could be looking at some flowers or a house.


This book measures 9″ inches x 6″ inches and is the perfect size for any purse or bag. I have taken this book with me to many appointments and it has kept me busy while waiting. Just throw some Coloring Pencils or Gel Pens in your purse also and you are good to go!!


There are 50 images in here for you to color and that is a lot!! Most books have a lot less. I actually own a few pocket edition books and they have nowhere near this many pages. I love how Lynne signs each and every page so when you are done you have your own colored and signed copy of her work.


These images are printed on one side of the page leaving the back side blank which I love!! These pages are not perforated but they will be easy enough to get out. All you have to do is push the book open as far as possible and score along the binding and the page should come right out.


This is lightweight paper so ALWAYS remember to put a couple sheets of paper under the page you are working on to protect the next image. My Gel Pens didn’t bleed through but being that it is lightweight paper I can only surmise that the wetter the ink the more apt it will be to bleed through.


I love this book and it will go to many more appointments with me. It is a great book for any Colorist. There is nothing too intricate in here that even a beginner can do. I was lucky enough to receive Capture the Color in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.


Visit Lynn’s page Color and Tangle 




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