Brown Leatherette Tri-fold Caribbean Pirate Hat

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This is an Awesome Pirate Hat!! This is going to be what I wear for our Family Game Night Funny/Silly hat edition. I may even wear this for Halloween. This 16.5 Leatherette Pirate hat is Polyester and will fit older kids or adults. It has the red bandanna that is attached and can NOT be removed but it can be tucked in some so that it is less obvious. It happens to be one of my favorite parts of the hat. Really, can you imagine a Pirate without a bandanna?

I love how you can bend and shape the hat to look any way you want it to. You can go from a serious pirate to a sexy pirate in seconds flat. The 3 Velcro tabs make it very easy to fold it up into the tri-fold hat and shape it. It holds its shape very well and I love that about this. This hat fit my head great as you can see in the Video. Then again my head is not big either. My son may take this hat from me when he sees it so I’m enjoying it while I can. Smooth Sailing My Friends. I received this Caribbean Pirate Hat in exchange for my honest review.

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