Bomber and Company Paracord Survival Bracelet with Firestarter

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This is a really awesome Bomber and Company Key chain. This is the perfect thing to have for emergency situations that is inconspicuous. Shall I explain myself? Let me just tell you about the key chain first.

I got this for my husband because he has huge wrists and can never wear the Paracord bracelets. But he ALWAYS has his keys with him. This Key Chain is made of 100% Nylon 550 Paracord which is very strong. This is type III which is Military grade. I love the fact that it has a Firestarter on it because this way I know he is always prepared. We as a family always try to stay prepared as we do have BOB bags. We actually have rolls of Paracord in our bags and we all have bracelets except my husband who now has this key chain.

I am a believer that Paracord can be integral in saving your life in an emergency situation. Now, The fun part. When the Key Chain is broken down is should equal to about 5 ft of paracord. 550 Paracord by itself should hold around 55 lbs but it also inside it is 7 inner strands which can be used for various things. Once broken down is when the fire starter will be especially helpful in emergency situations. You can use the outer sheath or the smaller inner strand as kindling to start a fire.

If you want to use the 5 ft of Paracord as a whole it can be used to hang food in a tree to keep it away from animals or to make a shelter. You can also use it to make a snare to catch dinner for the evening if you are going to be stuck outside overnight. With 5 ft of paracord, it is easy to cut it into sections and use it as needed. You will never need all 5 ft at one time unless you are holding your own weight on something. Cutting it into 1ft sections should do the job to tie ends of a tarp to a tree, make a snare and have enough to break down to start a fire. I hope you find that this was helpful I was fortune enough to receive this Paracord Survival Bracelet with Firestarter  in exchange for my honest review.

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