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This Bare Home Fitted Sheet is super nice!! I got it in the blue because my 14 year old is still a huge superman fan and blue is the signature color of superman. His bedroom is covered with Superman posters, character toys, if you can think of it, he has it. The Dark Blue was the perfect color to try to match it and create a more “grown up” look for him.

This really is a HIGH Quality Fitted Sheet!! He says it is super comfortable! We live in the south and the temperature is always fluctuating. He says this sheet helps to keep him cool no matter what the temperature is. It is 100% Ultra Soft Micro-Fiber. That is why!! It is also hypoallergenic which is awesome!! He has actually had reactions to sheets before. He has to use a special detergent because his skin is so sensitive.

This sheet is stain resistant which is also another reason I got it for him. He is a teenager and no matter how hard I try, he is always in his bed with food or a drink. I am tired of buying sheets because he has stained them up. This sheet is truly special because the pocket depth will fit up to 15 inches in mattress height!! You can clearly see in my Video that we have a decent bunk bed mattress and then a 2 inch pillow top on it and there was still plenty of room for more mattress. It will fit a mattress up to 39 by 75 inches which again is a really nice sized mattress. I received this Bare Home Fitted Sheet in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

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