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I really like this Top Quality Art Supplies 72 count Best Colored Pencils set is great!  It has Some Good and Bad features that I’d like to talk about. The amount of colors is amazing! The various colors ensure that you will have every color you need.  Each primary color such as red, blue, and green has several different hues of each color as well. I have been coloring and drawing for a while and have tried a couple sets. This is a real High Quality set. They do not break easily and they sharpen nice. These pencils color smooth, and the colors are bright and vivid. I love how bright they are. I have a blending pencil and they blend very well.  They come already sharpened so they are ready to use. These would make great gifts! They arrive in a case that they can be stored in. The case that they arrive in is a plastic and very durable. I have bought the pencils that come in the boxes and the boxes tear so easily.  Each Pencil has a space in the pack and it snaps closed with ease after use. I would love to say that you will not have pencils flying everywhere but the truth of it is that while this case looks portable it isn’t.  My only complaint is the plastic case they come in, but for that small trade off for a nice quality set. You cannot open one section at a time. I was very happy when this arrived and thought that it was great to have a case that was portable. I threw them and a coloring book in my purse when I had a full day of appointments. I was going to be out of the house all day. I was so excited to be able to color. I arrived at my first appointment with my boys who are teenagers and quite capable of going back into the office by themselves. I pulled out my coloring book and this Top Quality set and when I went to open it pencils went everywhere because the whole thing opened. I would still make this purchase over and over. I would just find another case if you plan on taking this to doctors appointments. Now, if you are going to someone’s house or a place where you have a table it is very portable. I still would buy it. It has an AMAZING array of colors and you just can’t beat that. This Top Quality Set is Great! I received this in exchange for my honest review.

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