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This 4 Ounce bottle of Art Naturals Lavender Oil smells wonderful!! I have so many items from Art Natural its crazy. This is my favorite brand. They have not disappointed me with this Premium ALL NATURAL Lavender Essential Oil. I suffer from PTSD and it causes a lot of symptoms such as anxiety and insomnia. I use Lavender Essential Oil A lot. It helps to calm me down. This Bulgarian Lavender Oil is 100% pure, All Natural and a Therapeutic grade essential oil that helps me in so many ways. It comes with a glass dropper so you don’t have to guess about your dosage. I often take a lavender baths and I am very calm and relaxed afterward. The Lavender bath helps to relieve the stress but also aching muscles from physical therapy. I use it on my body mixed with carrier oil. I have already made lotion with this because the smell is wonderful and fragrant. I also use it in my diffuser so that I am surrounded by it all the time. Not only is it calming and relaxing but it makes my house smell GREAT! The quality lavender has is to help relieve stress and anxiety and it does ALL that! When I get really upset, I just put a drop or two in the palms of my hand and inhale it and can just feel the stress and anxiety melt away. I also deal with chronic pain and I massage it on my skin to help relieve my sore muscles and joint pain. This is very high quality stuff. It is not watery at all. I also mixed this Lavender oil with carrier oil and put it in an amber roller bottle so that I always have some with me. I really love the smell of Lavender. There are so many uses for lavender oil. It can be used as a sleep aid because it is said that the calming effect of lavender can cause drowsiness. Just for me, it does not cause drowsiness but just has a calming effect. You can put a drop on a bee sting or insect bite to stop itching and reduce swelling. For burns, you can put 2-3 drops on to reduce the pain. You can put a few drops on cuts or wounds to stop bleeding, clean wound, and kill bacteria. You can also rub several drops into the scalp to help eliminate dandruff. There are just so many uses that I could take up another page just putting down the uses and benefits. For me personally, lavender oil is my favorite oil. All of their products are ALL NATURAL and meet the highest levels of consumer safety. Their ingredients are always clearly labeled and 100% thorough and truthful. All products are Vegan certified, Paraben Free and Cruelty Free. Their packaging is made with recycled materials. Lavender Essential Oil is certified Fair Trade I love Art Naturals because trying all their products is RISK FREE because of the 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. I don’t have to worry about not liking something. Although, I have NEVER gotten a product from them that I didn’t like. I love all their products! I received this Lavender Essential Oil at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

Lavender Essential Oil

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