AMBM Colorful Crystal Stylus Pen Touch Screen Cellular Phone & Tablet Pen Set

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These Colorful Stylus Pens are so cute and convenient. I have a touch screen phone and it always has smear marks on it from my fingers and I always need an extra pen in my purse. With these I now have both a stylus and a pen in my purse. I can finally clean my screen on my phone and keep it that way.

With this set you get 10 Stylus Pens. 2 of each color. The colors are red, blue, green, black and orange with silver/grey accents. I will have one to match any outfit I can possibly wear. This excites me!! Each pen is 6.5 inches long which seems to be about the normal length for any pen.

They write just like any ball point pen which is really nice and the ink is blue. What is super convenient also about these pens is that they have the clips on them so you can either clip them in the pocket of your shirt or the pocket of your purse. I really like this feature. Too many times have I put a pen in the pocket of my purse and it falls out and gets lost at the bottom.

They are individually wrapped so you can give them as gift with journals or you can pass them around your work place. The stylus end is nice soft and rubbery. It works really well on my touch screen phone. When you order this 10 pack you also get a free gift. It is a stylus that you can plug into your phone, tablet or any jack you have on your touch screen device.

Having the free gift that plugs in to your touch screen device is also very cool because again you also have a stylus with you that you don’t have to worry about losing. I really love this set and I was lucky enough to receive these Colorful Crystal Stylus Pens in exchange for my honest review.

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