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I really like this World of Animals book. It has a great array of animals. There are 35 images in here and the details range from some simple to medium to very intricate. I feel like this is something that everyone can try because the only thing ever holding anyone back is themselves. It just takes some patience and a steady hand to do the intricate work. Trust me when I say that I am not the best colorist but I don’t let that stop me.

These pages are printed doubled sided which can be a disadvantage if you use anything other than coloring pencils. Any really wet medium is going to bleed through leaving the next image ruined. Make sure to ALWAYS put a couple sheets of paper under the page you are working on to make sure you don’t ruin the next page. These pages are not perforated so if you want to remove them you will have to either break the binding which is just glued or you can score then along the binding and just remove one page at a time.

Now to the point of the image being in another book. It is not the exact image. It seems like the other book added stuff or this book took stuff out. I am not sure which. I have included a picture of both images. Also the Beaver is turned the other way here in The World of Animals. Either way, the Beaver is the same. No matter who copied who. I love this book and I will continue to get her books because I like them. I just normally color the picture I like most or sometimes I break the binding and print them onto better quality paper.

SUGGESTION: You can also buy this on Kindle so you can print them single sided on your own quality paper and have none of these worries. The choice is yours. I received World of Animals in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

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