ADULT COLORING BOOK: Patterns Shapes & Designs Stress Relieving Designs Includes Bonus Relaxation CD: Color With Music

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I color because it helps me with Stress and Anxiety. Sometimes it takes a long time coloring to calm down but not anymore since I have found this Amazing Coloring Book with Relaxation CD. When I heard about this book Patterns, Shapes & Designs and that it comes with a Relaxation CD I knew I had to try it. I will do just about anything to help ease “the mood”.


I love all the Patterns, Shapes and Designs. There is everything from Flowers and Flora, Socks, Cities, Feathers, Bookshelves to Hamburgers and Hotdogs. I kid you not. It is all about patterns. I love the true randomness of it. I was really surprised when I saw some of this stuff but then I remembered that this was not a theme book but something new and brave!!


The CD has a very relaxing playlist. The instrumental music is very calming and helped me to relax and really get into coloring. This is a really great idea. When I am upset and I color I usually go for the intricate stuff because it helps me to focus and take my mind off what is going on around me. Well having calming music is now something I must have when upset. I think it not only helps to keep our minds from wandering back to the problem but it also helps to grow our mind.


There are 48 images in this 8 x 8 Coloring Book. This is not your standard book because it is basically a square book. This has a really sturdy cardboard cover and it serves 2 purposes. First it looks great and it helps to protect the pages but it also protects the CD.


In fact the whole outside of the coloring book is a nice thick cardboard. Once we jump in here you will see how this cardboard is so much more than just cardboard. It is a bright yellow with a Beautifully Designed Cover. It does depict what you will see inside this book.


It is a glue-bound book but pages that can be easily removed as it is not a bounded cover. I really love this style a lot compared to the standard books. It is much easier to color and maybe standard books should look at this and learn.


It has some really good medium weight paper as my Gel Pens did not bleed through. I’m sure the wetter the medium the more apt it will be to bleed though. Just make sure to always use the cardboard flap under the page you are working on to prevent ruining the next image.


This really is an Amazing Book and I was lucky enough to receive Patterns, Shapes and Designs in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.



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