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This Birds of the World by Remy Is a really GREAT coloring book. It has a really nice assortment of pictures to color. There are a lot of pictures in here that are really simple to color and some are a little more complex. This is definitely something a beginner can work with. There are only in here that are intricate and in my opinion they are not anything that a beginner can’t try and do. I always say that it only takes a willingness to try and you can accomplish anything.

There are 30 different pictures to color and of course they range from scenes suck as waterscapes to landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty. I really like the ones that have the repeating patterns and I am eager to get into those. I color because it helps to calm my Anxiety. You have everything from Hummingbirds, Toucans, Peacocks and Eagles. You have Mack Trucks, Landscapes, Cityscapes, and even a Person.

The paper is light weight and your mediums will bleed through unless you are using Crayons or Coloring Pencils. My suggestion is that you always use a piece of paper behind the sheet you are coloring. I used Gel pens on my picture and forgot to put a sheet of paper behind it. It did bleed through a little but not enough as to ruin the next page. The back of the pages are black which is a MUST for me.

These pages are not perforated but if you want to remove a page all you have to do is score the page at the Bind and pull it out like that. I really like that there are a couple pages in the back to check out your colors before putting them to the page you are coloring. I really like this book a lot and can’t wait to finish my Peacock! I was lucky enough to receive this Birds of the World Coloring Book in exchange for my honest review.



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