Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs Volume 2

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This is a great coloring book for anyone, even someone just starting out. There are 33 Animal pictures for your coloring enjoyment. This is the follow up to the 1st book, Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs which is Amazing. There is an assortment of animal designs, including the lion on the cover of the book. There is also a giraffe picture, elephant, peacock, swan, horse, and butterfly. You may find that your favorite is in here also.


These pictures are beautiful and full of life. There are many design styles in here so that you can use any medium you wish. There is something for everyone. Anyone from a beginner to a more advance person will enjoy this book as it ranges from bold open spaces to intricate lines. Even the intricate pictures can be done by a beginner with fine line marker if they only try. I use Gel pens, Marker, Fine line and broad line with this book, and coloring pencils. With some of these pictures you could even use crayons if you wish.

The book is printed on a light weight paper and on one side of the page with the backside blank. This is GREAT!! This means you won’t ruin a picture on the back of the page you are coloring. I won’t buy a coloring book that has double sided printing. I always use a sheet of paper between my pictures just in case my medium bleeds through.

These pages are not perforated but it shouldn’t be difficult to remove them from the binding. The designs are centered on the page with lots of blank space left on the sides.

I color for so many reasons now. I started because someone told me it would help my PTSD, and it has helped. I now color for that but also for relaxation and for the pure joy and love of coloring. I just zone in on the image I am coloring, pick a color and start releasing all that pent up energy from the day. I received this Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs Volume 2 in exchange for my honest review.

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