Merry Christmas and Last Minute Shopping

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Merry Christmas my Friends! If you have some last minute shopping, here are some items to consider. I want you to know that I have personally bought and used each and every product listed. I am also giving some of these items away as Christmas Gifts.  Happy Shopping!!

These Maddie M Designs Floating Charm Living Locket Necklace and Pendants are AMAZING!! Here is the 2nd link to the other Floating Charm Living Locket Necklace and Pendants . When I found these I was so happy to find a Locket that actually came with starter charms. I think that is great! I actually have several of them and are giving a couple away for Christmas also. There are several others than just this design and if you look through her store you will find many wonderful Items!!
Also if you have someone in your life who Loves to color or just might need a new outlet to relax and unwind consider giving the gift of a Adult Coloring Book. Doodle Emporium from Blue Star Coloring is wonderful but they have so many more! Check out their store.

And how about some Gel Pens to go along with the Coloring Book? I love coloring with Gel Pens plus I also have them available for writing letters, signing cards and all my other needs. Check out this set of Plinrise 36 Colors Gel Ink Pen. I really love these because not only are they good for the large spots but they are also capable of getting into the small intricate spots.
For the person in your life who loves the outdoors, I am sure they would love this Aurosports Rechargeable Waterproof Headlamp but it does need special batteries that you can find here, 4pcs 18650 Rechargeable Battery+1pcs Charger. It is well worth it. I bought one for my husband for Christmas and it is Amazing.

Now, last but not least! Everyone knows someone who loves to bake. I came across these awesome Silicone Muffin Pans and was blown away when I made muffins! They are truly Nonstick and there are 4 pans for one great price.

I hope I have helped in deciding your last minute gifts. I have personally bought, used, and worn all of these so I know that each and every one of these products are quality products.

I know its crazy busy right now so get wrapping and don’t get too stressed!!

Merry Christmas 


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