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These Touch of Class Necklaces are AMAZING! I will share with you!

This is just one of MANY!! You may choose from boxed set or just lockets or so much more!

Touch of Dazzle has really outdone themselves! I really love this Serenity Prayer necklace and boxed set for a couple reasons. This came in a very nice box ready for gift giving. It came in a silver bottomed box with a clear plastic top and a silver stretch bow. You can see the Serenity Prayer Card and Necklace from the front of the closed box. When you open the box and start removing things you will find your affirmations card and the necklace.
First I want to say how beautiful this necklace is. It comes on a 24 inch Stainless Steel Rolo Chain. It has a lobster claw closure. The charm is a 30 mm Magnetic Locket with the plate that says ” Serenity, Courage and Wisdom “Just the saying means a lot to me but then there is the FAITH, HOPE charms and the 5 stones. 2 yellow, 2 green and 1 blue. The locket is outlined in CZ and is Stainless Steel

I’m going to put myself out there because that is why I got this necklace. First I want to say that this is something I am NOT ashamed of. I am a recovering alcoholic. I first heard this prayer and affirmations in “the rooms”. I held onto this prayer and said it over and over when there was nothing left to hold on to. These 12 affirmations taught me how to live. With the upbringing I had I didn’t know who I was or what kind of person I was. I just knew what kind of person I didn’t want to be anymore. Because I LIVE by these affirmations, I am a better person today! If you are looking for things to help you improve your life. THIS IS FOR YOU! If you’ve “been there and done that” then this is FOR YOU! I can tell you a million reasons why this would be the perfect necklace for the perfect occasion! These affirmations are rules to live by to be a decent person.

SO!! Weather this is the PERFECT gift for ANYONE who has made CHANGES in their lives OR for you!! It does not have to be someone like me. This is just my story and relation to this necklace! I received a discount on this most awesome Positive Affirmations Serenity Prayer Necklace and Card Boxed Gift Set  in exchange for my honest review.


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