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I love Gel Pens!! They are my Favorite way to color, write letters and just about everything. I use them all the time. This is a great set that comes with 60 High Quality Gel Pens and I am so happy right now!! These are going to be GREAT for Scrapbooking!!



This set comes with some great pens. They are:


12 Glitter
7 Neon
9 Pastel
12 Glitter Neon
4 Standard
10 Metallic
6 Swirl



Glitter always has and always will be my favorite. I love the Neon Glitter too because it really just pops off the page!! The regular red Glitter is quite dull compared to the Neon Glitter red but that is to be expected considering the Neon Glitter is meant to be brighter.



They all started right away with the exception of the Standard and then all I had to do was write the word “hello” and then they started. They ink flows very smooth and even as I have had no skips or jumps.



While the book I used to color on had a black page there was no bleed through as I always put a couple sheets of paper under the page I’m working on. There was no ink on it. I did also do a page with all the pens on it and there were shadows but again no bleed. It says it comes with a Free EBooks and pictures several Adult Coloring Books but I was not offered anything.



These are really great for anyone including children as they are Non Toxic and Acid Free!! These would make great gifts for birthdays or even a little “just because”. Perfect for any age! Shoot, I am an Adult and I love them but I also share Gel Pens with children as long as I watch them.  With a correction to my Video. I received these 60 Unique Gel Pens in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.



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