5 Pairs Baby Toddler Anti Slip Skid Socks

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This set of 5 Baby Toddler Anti Skid Socks is really cute!!  These are for age 1-3 year olds with a foot size 3.5 to 4.7 and meant for toddlers who walk or babies learning to walk. They need to fit well on the foot to make sure there are no accidents.


They came in 5 different colors and designs. I got some are boy and some are girl designs. The Panda and the Tugboat both have lace around the top where the foot slides in. Other than the tugboat all these socks can be used for girls.


The socks are a little over 5 inches long and they have non-skid bottoms. They are meant to be worn without shoes. These are great for running around the house or going out on the town.


The Designs on all of them are really cute. I received:


Pink Frog
Yellow Frog


The elastic around the ankles is strong and is great for keeping the slippers/socks on. They are a very soft and the kids seem to like them a lot. I have observed them on several occasions wearing them. These are great quality and very well made.


These are some really great socks and I received these 5 pairs of Baby Toddler Anti Skid Socks in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.



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