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I love these Gel Pens and I love this case!! The fact that I can get a bunch of Gel Pens in a portable case is a HUGE deal for me. I have gotten 36 gel pens and have been very happy about it. But I am honestly ecstatic about this. I am a Disabled Veteran and spend a lot of time at the VA as well as at appointments with my kids. I always take a coloring book and pens with me.

When I got these I threw these in my bag along with a coloring book and set out to my appointment. It has 4 snaps to secure it shut so I know the Gel Pens and not going to fly all over the place. Even with the case being as big as it is it is very easy to manage. I just made sure I had an empty seat next to me and started coloring while I waited. When my name was called it was simple to just snap the pen back into its place and close it and throw it back in my bag.

This set includes 48 gel pens and they are as follows:
12 Glitter
12 Neon
12 Metallic
12 Pastel

All the colors are so vibrant and the Glitter Pens sparkle so well. I also love the metallic a lot. They are started right away and did not require any priming what so ever. They write very smoothly with no skipping and the ink comes out very evenly. They dry very quickly and the only time they smudged was during my test and I literally put down a good bit of ink and immediately ran my finger across it. Even then it barely smudged as it was drying already.

All the tops have the have these little gem type things to show what color the cap belongs to. I really like the tips as they are 0.8 – 1.0 mm. The tips seem to be a little longer than normal pens making it easier to get into the fine lines without making a lot of mistakes. I had no problems with my pens. I very much enjoy working with them. They are great at coloring in large and small spaces or for just writing. I received these 48 Premium Gel Pens in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.


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