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I really like this Complete Adult Coloring Kit. The original, limited edition, “Mindfulness” coloring book and 12 colored pencils in this Portfolio carrying case is just what I needed. My son had a school dance and the traffic gets crazy so I like to get there early to pick him up. You can see from the pictures that I took while I waited in my car, that it is very portable. It was great being able to just grab a complete portfolio size coloring book and pencils set instead of my whole bag that I usually carry. At first I was kind of stressed as to how I would color the picture I chose with just 10 colors because I didn’t want to use the brown or black. I wanted to calm down in the midst of all the crazy waiting, kids running everywhere, Friday night madness. I just picked a pencil and started coloring. I wasn’t really paying attention as to what colors I picked at first. I just wanted my attention on the coloring and not on all the madness going on around me. Coloring is not new to me. I suffer from PTSD and I use coloring a lot to get my mind distracted from the thoughts that race through my head. When I calmed down a bit and really started paying attention to the colors is when the picture started coming together for me. It kind of became a game for me to see if I could really do this without the same color touching. When I finished my picture I actually felt a sense of accomplishment because it turned out very nice after using ONLY 10 PENCILS!  This set comes with a portfolio style holder and holds 12 coloring pencils that are place individually in a thick rubber band style holder. There is a removable pencil case for the plastic pencil sharpener and if you want to throw a blender pencil in there, you have plenty of room to do so. I believe what I will do is actually replace the pencil with my favorite gel pens and when I’m done with this book I can just replace it with another. It has 2 slots for coloring books. It has the one for the top opening style and then the one for the normal size coloring book. NOTE AS TO WHY I GAVE IT 4 STARS! It is an adult coloring book but it has student grade coloring pencils. I had a problem with the tips breaking and then they take forever to get another tip good enough to be able to color with again. Also, I had to push really hard to just get a decent color. If you are putting together an ADULT coloring book portfolio set, you should put better pencils in with it. Other than that I LOVE this. I was EXTREMELY fortune enough to receive this in exchange for my honest review.

Complete Adult Coloring Kit


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