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I really like this 40 piece Gel Pen set. I use them for Adult Coloring and they don’t disappoint. This set has a great assortment of colors and plenty of Glitter which is ALWAYS my favorite. Just about every one of them started right about but only a couple out of the 40 needed to be primed. What that means is that I had to just write back and forth a little with them on a scratch sheet before they started. This is no big deal.

To say I have a few Gel Pens is an understatement. I have set a goal to try just about every brand out there. Most of the time I find something good about each set. This set has 2 things that make it special to me. The fact that there is a white Gel Pen and then there is a Dark Grey is awesome. You typically get a grey/silver and a black but you get a in between with this set.

You get:
13 Glitter
10 Metallic
4 Standard (black, white, red, blue)
6 Pastel
6 Neon

Apparently my counting is off somewhere. It is okay though. They colors are really Bright and Vibrant and the Glitters really do Sparkle and Shine. They write really smoothly once started with no skipping. They dry really quickly so you don’t have to worry about smudging. I do always suggest though to start in the top left of your page and work accordingly just to be positive that your hand doesn’t smear any pens. The container they come in makes it easy to get them out and store which is a big plus but it doesn’t make them very portable.

All in all these are some really good pens besides having to prime them. I really didn’t notice any clogging but if you do run across that problem just take the ink out of the casing and run it under hot water. Make sure to dry it thoroughly before putting it back into the casing. This should solve any problem with clogging. I received these Gel Pens in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.


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