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This BTC Flame is a very nice little tablet! It has Android 4.4 KITKAT Software. It comes with an OTG cord which allows me to hook other devices up to my tablet, a DC plug and a wall plug to charge my tablet by plugging it into wall, a USB charging cord, a Screen protector, and stylus. It has an 8GB flash memory but you can use up to 32GB memory slot. I have already put in a 16GB card. The set up was super simple and I didn’t even need the directions to do this. If you have ever worked with a tablet before getting started will be a breeze. What I did after getting my Wi-Fi hooked up and my social media and a few other things downloaded is I just started playing with it. It is a little slow for me but it would be great for a started tablet. You do have the option of adding another user on this tablet and this may be the area where you set up the parental controls and use the Zoodles program which is a safe kid mode. It provides a child friendly interface and access to age-appropriate web content, including games and videos. It is very portable as it is only 7.5 inches. The display is very clear and a whopping 7 inches. It has a fully comprehensive 12 month US warranty which makes this the perfect tablet for anyone. I received BTC Flame Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet in exchange for my honest review.

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