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Steampunk Ocean by Bonnita Moaby is different than many coloring books that come out today as there really is a story that lies in these pages. There is a Ship Captain whose ship is attached and sunk by a Gigantic Octopus.


He finds a house under the ocean filled with tools, mechanical parts and information on sea creatures. He sets out to create many wonderful steampunk creatures and designs and eventually finds a dive suit.


He then finds a mermaid who has been injured and rescues her. He is able to use mechanical parts to replace her tail. He also finds the octopus and it seems to have been injured when attacking and sinking his ship. Instead of seeking vengeance he uses parts to replace its injured limbs.


Because he is a great Captain and helps many injured animals the mermaid falls in love with him. In the end He and the Mermaid get married!! What a wonderful story of forgiveness and love!!


The 33 images are a lot different than any Steampunk book I’ve seen and a lot of fun to color. Some of the work is intricate but nothing at all intimidating. I have only found a couple of the many Steampunk books that I like (they are the ones with people and fashion) and to be totally honest this is my new favorite!!


These images are printed on single sided bright white non-perorated. While this paper is non-perforated these images will be really easy to get out. This is a glued binding and all you have to do is break the binding. You will be able to open the book wide enough so that you can score it down into the binding. The page should come out with ease after that.


I only used Marco Raffines but because of the paper quality I suggest that you Always use a couple sheets of paper under the image you are coloring so that you don’t ruin the next one. The wetter the medium the more apt it will be to bleed through the paper.


This is a GREAT book for EVERYONE!!! I really enjoy it and for all you Steampunk lovers out there, This is a MUST HAVE!! Each image has items that range from wide open to small. There is nothing in this book that some Sharp Colored Pencil, Fineliners, Markers or even Fine Point Gel Pens cant handle. I am not the best Colorist but I am not intimidated in the least. I received Steampunk Ocean in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.



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