Rose Kuli® Folding Shovel With Pick Outdoor Must-have Accident

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The Rose Kuli folding shovel is a really useful tool to have when camping, hiking or any outdoor activity. It is very compact and has a pick ax on one end and on the shovel it also has a serrated saw blade.


It is super easy to put together. You just unfold it and tighten the latch at the position in which you want the tool then you screw on the handle. It has a lock to keep that tool in working position.


It is a great tool for my Get Home Bag. It’s small, portable, it fits easily in my backpack and I will have it in case of an emergency. That is what this shovel is intended for. Emergency situations or light weight use. Not heavy duty full time work like digging ditches or shoveling rocks. Although I think in an Emergency situation this will do just fine for a period of time if heavy duty work is needed.


I have a friend who does Gardening and this would be perfect for her. She already has a portable chair that she can carry all her tools in. This would be a great addition to that set as it is lightweight and easy to fold, unfold and is super sturdy.  It is compact and will work great for planting in the yard or digging a garden or holes for roses or flowers.


This will also be great for Campers or Hikers. I love that there is a compass on it and it easily attaches to any belt for carry. With a little modification like the addition of a carabineer to the Belt loop it will be even more portable and able to be attached anywhere but it does easily fit in a backpack.


I think this is awesome and it is already in my GHB. I was lucky enough to receive this foldable shovel in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.


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