2 Foot tall Kangaroo Stuffed Giraffe with Bendable Neck

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Review:: 5 Stars Length:: 1:26 Mins

This Giraffe is going to make a great buddy for my Granddaughter who loves animals. He is a really High Quality. I am giving it to her on her birthday which is coming up soon. I love that it is almost as big as she is. It stands 2 foot tall and stands on its own. She is going to have a ball playing with him/her. I can’t wait to see what she names him or her. He is very soft to the touch which is very important because what little girl or boy wants a stuffed animal that is rough. It arrived Completely Factory Sealed with Kangaroo Red Tags, who is the Manufacturer.

It has a bendable neck that stays however you bend it and is the only one on the market. I love that she can make him do what she wants. I think I will actually buy her some type of accessories to go along with him so she can make him drink from a pond and eat from a tree so she gets the greatest experience from her Giraffe. Kangaroo makes a lot of great toys and this Giraffe is just one of the GREATEST! I can picture her loving him for years and years. I’m really excited to see her expression!! I received a discount on this Stuffed Giraffe with Bendable Neck in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review.

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