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These Mia Bella Sophia Elegant Blue Hair clips are adorable. I must be honest and say that I bought these for myself. I have very fine hair, thick hair and it is cut in a bob to my chin. I am able to use these Satiny clips to pull my hair away from my face on days when I am working doing things I might not want my hair in. I was able to wear these clips to do all my chores and physical therapy and my hair stayed in place all day because the Friction Firm Ribbon held the barrettes in place until I took them out. I love that I found something that will not only hold my hair but won’t damage it in the process. They did not tear, pull or rip at my hair at all. They came out just as easy as they went in. The Ribbon is wrapped on durable silver 2 inch clasps that are guaranteed to last through a day of work or play. I really love that they are very satiny to the touch. It is kind of funny how something can hold so strong yet be so feminine at the same time. I really love the blue. I actually have several baby blue shirts but I think it also goes well with several other colors also. The fact that they are made using eco friendly practices makes me love them even more. You get a great hair clip that looks high dollar for a great price. There is also 90 day money back guarantee. There really is no reason not to try these. If you find that my review is helpful please say so. I was lucky enough to receive a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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