1 of the Prizes! Intricate and Wonderful Coloring Book!

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This is a truly Amazing Book! I have been getting into the intricate side of coloring lately and decided to try this book. There are 30 awesome pictures in this book to color. It has a mix of intricate to fairly simple but it doesn’t matter. It suits every mood I have. I started coloring a while back because I was told it would help with symptoms of my PTSD and it really does, but now I color because I love to. Yes, I still rely on it when a mood hits and I need to relax or calm down but I color whenever I have free time.

This Amazing book is printed on singled sided medium weight paper. My suggestion is to always put paper between your coloring book pages, even when using pencils because you don’t want any kind of marks on the next picture. So far we have used gel pens, fine line markers and plain markers and they all come through on the back of the page.

There are different types of pictures in here, anything from Mandela’s and animals to flowers. I love that the very first image is the picture on the front of the book. I just can’t say enough about this book. The reason nothing is finished yet is because my teenage boys have been coloring also and we have been taking turns coloring in this book. I was lucky enough to receive this Coloring Book for Grown Ups in exchange for my honest review

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